Glass partitions, the new protection against the coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic has affected the way of understanding the barriers that, as a society, we must respect in our relationships. The safety distance, the use of masks, a reinforcement of hygiene and screens will be essential measures with the establishment of the “new normal”.

A reality that Ariño Duglass understands and assumes , a company with more than 50 years as an international benchmark in the transformation of high-performance glass for the railway sector and architecture in emblematic buildings. In this way, the corporation has started a new line for the manufacture  of safety glass partitions to collaborate in adapting these new habits.

In addition, the pillar of this line is the supply to social centers and institutions, in the form of a donation from the company. At the same time, Ariño Duglass uses its production capacity to supply solutions in the form of safety glass partitions to large companies in the national complex , as it has done in the main logistics centers of the Inditex firm.

Glass, greater durability

The Ariño Duglass screens, manufactured in compliance with the safety regulations for tempered glass with the CE Marking, are an excellent physical barrier, visually non-invasive and very resistant, ideal for reducing the risk of contagion by Covid-19.

In addition, these screens do not require any installation , since they are an easy-to-assemble product that can be adapted and integrated into different professional environments, creating a suitable space for employees and clients.

Ariño Duglass manufactures glass versus methacrylate or other plastic materials used by different companies in their screens. The use of this material is an advantage, since its durability and resistance are superior , increasing the hygiene, cleanliness and transparency of these barriers.

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