Huawei has founded its own “Tesla”

The fact that one of the leading suppliers of smartphones and other digital devices is going to make a name for itself in the automotive market was talked about not so long ago. Now everything is official and with details.

Huawei has created a research and development firm with the complex name Huawei Digital Energy Technology Co Ltd. The new division has been entrusted with the development of advanced technologies in the area of electric cars and related infrastructure.

The specialists of the new firm will search for energy technologies and present their developments in the production of batteries, energy recovery systems and other related areas. The new company is fully subordinate to Huawei, and its capital is estimated at half a billion dollars. Such a well-funded startup. The electronics giant needed the new firm to achieve so-called carbon neutrality.

It is also a good bid to test its strength in the car market. We recall that the company already has experience in the automotive industry: it supplies equipment and software for automakers and their customers.

Now Huawei will be able to go even further, offering innovative products in the promising electric car market.

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