New Liebherr XPower wheel loaders


The Liebherr Group has introduced new XPower front loaders, including the L 550, L 556, L 566, L 576, L 580 and L586 models. These front loaders are equipped with engines that meet Tier 4 Final standards. Employees of the company declare that the XPower series is a reflection of “the technology of the future in front loaders.”

“XPower front loaders are more than just a new machine,” says Martin Gschwend, Managing Director of Sales at Liebherr-Werk Bischofshofen GmbH. “This is a comprehensive, innovative concept model that features an XPower power distribution and a Tier 4 Final powertrain.

The power split transmission includes hydrostatic and mechanical drive. “The hydrostatic drive is most efficient when traveling slowly on gradients, and the mechanical drive when traveling at higher uphill speeds,” says Mark Walcher, Product Manager at Liebherr-Werk Bischofshofen GmbH. “The engine power is split across the two drives, which significantly reduces the load on the transmission and increases its reliability and service life.”

New Liebherr XPower wheel loaders – powerful and economical machines

The new Liebherr XPower front loaders are equipped with diesel engines from 191 hp. up to 354 hp, which comply with the Tier 4 Final standards. The powerplants of the new models use Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology and do not require Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) or Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR). The new engines, when operating at low speeds – from 1100 to 1300 rpm, develop optimal power, but with reduced fuel consumption.

The transmission is controlled by the advanced Liebherr Power Efficiency system. “This system adjusts the engine, transmission and hydraulic system for optimum performance and reduced fuel consumption,” says Gschwend. “Our comparative tests have shown that Liebherr XPower front loaders use up to 30% less fuel than standard drive models.”

The new Liebherr XPower front loaders have redesigned axles that are more robust. In addition, the improved design of the lifting mechanism has increased the breakout force by 20%. The new XPower models have an operating weight from 17,700 to 32,600 kg, a tipping load from 12,200 to 21,600 kg, a bucket volume from 3.2 to 6.0 cubic meters, and a breakout force from 125 to 260 kN.

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