There were 5.2 million cars at the end of 2019. On average, over the years

2019 was the year in which the most automobiles were produced in Portugal, about 345,688, according to the ACAP. You can request spare parts supply via our website.

The end of last year there were  5,205,000 passenger cars in Portugal, according to data released on Tuesday by the Automobile Association of Portugal ( ACAP ). The average age of this type of vehicle is 12.8 years. 

The total value of vehicles, which includes not only passenger cars, but also light goods and heavy vehicles, amounted to 6,489,300, according to ACAP data. 

Regarding the average age, in the case of light goods vehicles it was 14.5 years and in the case of heavy goods vehicles it was 14.9 years. 

The ACAP report , entitled Automobile Sector Statistics edition 2020, also shows that 2019 was the year in which more automobiles were produced in Portugal, around 345,688, according to the ACAP.

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