Local authorities ‘give’ new hours to stores in the Lisbon region. look here

The decision of the Council of Ministers, two weeks ago, allows the municipalities to make changes according to the opinion of the security forces and the local health authority, leaving the obligation to open at 10 am and close at 8 pm.

The Metropolitan Area of Lisbon ( AML ), which for several weeks had its own schedule for the operation of commercial establishments by decision of the Government, now operates at various ‘speeds’. The Council of Ministers passed the ball on to the municipalities, which meanwhile were disclosing the respective opening hours. Only three chose to maintain schedules. 

Until now, remember, only supermarkets could remain open until 10 pm – but without selling alcoholic beverages after 8 pm -, while restaurants could admit customers until midnight, having to close at 1 am.

However, two weeks ago, the Council of Ministers allowed municipalities to make changes according to the opinion of the security forces and the local health authority . 

Here are the opening hours established by the municipalities of the Lisbon region: 

  • Amadora’s stores continue to close at 20.00 –  “After listen to local authority Health and PSP,inform you that for now the closing time of shops remain at 20:00, with exception of restaurants already excecionados Council of Ministers “, the source of this municipality in the district of Lisbon told Lusa agency.
  • Commercial establishments in Sintra will resume pre- pandemic schedules  –  “There was unanimity, with the entities, regarding the proposal that theChamber of Sintra had presented so that the establishments of commerce and services can return to the schedule they had before of the pandemic”, said Lusa Basílio Horta (PS).
  • Loures shops still close at 20.00  –  “The times in Loures county will be held until the 31st of August for indication of the local Health Authority,” said Lusa source of this municipality of the district of Lisbon.
  • Commercial establishments in Setúbal start to close at 22h00  –  “The municipality decided to extend the hours of cafes, pastries andice cream parlors, including the other establishments whose operation is being transiently governed by the regulations applicable to thissectorofactivity, which are authorized to operate from 10:00 to 22:00 “, the municipality said in a statement.
  • Mafra extends schedules until midnight for all establishments –  The municipality of Mafra “was the first in the MetropolitanAreaof Lisbon (AML) to implement this extension, which was initially considered to be until 11 pm, but which the authorities of suggested that it could be until 24:00, to expand flows and decrease concentrations “, the president of theChamber of Mafra, Hélder Silva (PSD)told Lusa.
  • Commercial establishments in Alcochete may close at 10 pm  –  “I authorize that the retail and service provision establishments in the municipality can operate between 10 am and 10 pm”, reads in the document that theChamber of Alcochete published last week. 
  • Ca mara Montijo authorizes trade to extend opening hours until 22.00 –  “In a note published on its page  Internet , the municipality said that the new schedule took into account” the favorable evolution of the epidemiological situation in the county, “which showed that” a measure so damaging to fundamental rights, such as time restrictions, is not justified in terms of proportionality “.
  • Comércio de Palmela may open at 9 am and close at 10 pm –  “The retail and service establishments in the municipality of Palmela (including those in commercial complexes) can already operate from 9 am to 10 pm: 00 “, announced the municipality.

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