Conversational AI

Customer communication trends 2023: On the acceptance of “Conversational AI”

Spitch AG, a manufacturer of voice and text dialog systems, predicts three trends in automated customer communication for the new year 2023. Firstly, when designing these systems, both sides are increasingly taken into account: customers and employees.

Second, the quality of human-machine interaction will increase significantly with the increased use of machine learning (ML). And thirdly, artificial intelligence (AI) will increasingly assert itself across all aspects of communication.

CX interface takes both sides into account

When it comes to customer communication (Customer Experience, CX), Spitch assumes that in the future the focus will not only be on fulfilling customer needs as perfectly as possible, but that rapid progress will also be made on the company side. Additional analysis functions allow customer advisors to better understand customers and to respond more precisely to their needs. At the same time, the role and function of the customer advisor is qualitatively upgraded and thus their job satisfaction is increased.

Machine learning improves the dialogues significantly

In addition, machine learning will ensure that the quality of the automated dialogs increases significantly. This includes the systems increasingly understanding the context of customer inquiries and comments, and thus being able to react to them in a more targeted manner. Thanks to low-code and no-code concepts, dialog systems can be adapted even more easily to specific requirements in the future.

AI trend towards an intelligent overall solution

When it comes to artificial intelligence (AI), Spitch assumes that individual modules will increasingly be integrated into an intelligent overall solution. The company also gives an example on this: Voice biometrics can not only be used to clearly identify callers on the phone, but also to set up individual dialogs, depending on who is calling.

Trend towards “Conversational AI” with natural dialogues

From all three developments, Spitch derives a trend towards “Conversational AI”. This includes the use of speech computers and text dialog systems with artificial intelligence, which enable customers to contact companies and authorities in natural spoken language or text. When a call comes in, instead of the traditional press-1-2-or-3 phone menus, a pleasant computer voice asks “What can I do for you?” and the caller can say in their own words what the call is about. The system recognizes the request and puts it through to the appropriate contact person or can even provide the information automatically. The dialogue via messaging systems is also supported, whereby you can flexibly switch between text and speech. For example, an inquiry started via message communication can be continued with a telephone call, with all information transmitted via text being available for the conversation.

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