most important trends for the automotive industry

Which factors determine whether a company in the automotive industry is successful?

As so often, the most important facts are in the details. For this reason, we will show you the most important trends and explain what the automotive industry really needs at the moment.

One of the biggest problems is that companies all too often become “operationally blind” over time. What does that mean? Employees and managers think about tasks and goals, but often forget to think outside the box. What trends are there? Which innovations should not be neglected? And what changes in the company are necessary for this?

The most important trends for the automotive industry

The solution: In order to develop new ideas, you need strategic partners and also outsourcing with partners who have an eye on all innovations in the industry and are not “business-blind”.

Enter into strategic partnerships

As already mentioned, strategic partnerships are currently particularly relevant. Because the new vehicle architecture requires a great deal of know-how that most companies can no longer manage on their own. In order to close these technological gaps, they therefore enter into partnerships with technology companies and innovative start-ups.

For example, Honda works with Sony. The two companies have signed a joint venture agreement to establish a joint venture to build electric cars. Both companies benefit from each other: Honda contributes the expertise in automotive engineering and Sony the know-how in software development.

Qualified specialists are difficult to find

While strategic partnerships are important to keep up in the marketplace, some manufacturers prefer to have in-house expertise. But that is easier said than done, because finding qualified specialists is currently a major challenge.

For example, Mercedes-Benz opened a new software center worth 200 million euros in Sindelfingen. They want to develop their own operating system by 2024. To make this possible, Mercedes-Benz needs qualified specialists. Since the labor market for qualified specialists is empty, they are currently advertising them e.g. from suppliers.

Put more emphasis on the user experience

We always expect the latest technologies from our smartphones. The same applies to cars now. Users no longer want to accept outdated technologies and interfaces. They place more and more value on personalized user interfaces, individual settings and the overall user experience.

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