Live – War in Ukraine: Joe Biden will share Friday with Xi Jinping

The American and Chinese leaders will discuss by telephone to “keep the communication channels open between the United States and the People’s Republic of China,” said the American executive spokesman Jen Psaki.

The bombing continues in Ukraine. Three weeks after the beginning of the invasion of the country by the Russian forces, the Russian-Ukrainian negotiations draw a possibility of compromise, while the Ukrainian President Volodyymr Zelensky spoke in front of the Lower House of the German Parliament a new “wall” between the Ukraine and the rest of Europe.

Joe Biden is mounted on the niche on Wednesday, after unlocked a new $ 800 million military aid for Ukraine, calling President Putin of “Criminal of War”. And the International Court of Justice ordered Russia to immediately suspend its military operations in Ukraine, a decision greeted by France.

14:47: The Exomars mission suspended following the judgment of cooperation with Russia, announces ESA

The European Space Agency (ESA) has filed the suspension of the Russian-European Exomars mission and the search for alternatives for the launch of four other missions, following the cessation of cooperation with the Russian Space Agency Roskosmos Due to the war in Ukraine, she announced this Thursday by communiqué at the end of her board.

The Exomars mission provided for the launch in September of an ESA Rover to the planet Mars, using a roller launcher and a launcher. The Council of the European Space Agency has instructed its director to launch a rapid industrial study to revive exomars and alternatives for other missions.

14:29: Lithuania increases its military spending in 2022 to 2.52% of GDP

Lithuania has increased this Thursday its defense spending for this year to 2.52% of its GDP, as a result of the Russian invasion in Ukraine. An amendment to the Finance Act 2022 was voted unanimously by the Lithuanian Parliament.

This decision comes as the Baltic country, a member of the EU and NATO fears to be the next target of Moscow, if the Russian army succeeds in taking control of Ukraine. Lithuania had planned to devote this year 2.05% of its GDP to the Defense. Additional funding will increase the defense budget of 300 million euros and will focus it to 1.5 billion.

13:55: Israel should join the sanctions against Russia

After more than three weeks during which Israel did not participate in the sanctions against Russia and its oligarchs, the Hebrew state is revising its position under the pressure of the American ally.

13:30: Biden will talk Friday with Xi Jinping, including Ukraine

US President Joe Biden will talk by phone on Friday with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping, including the Russian invasion in Ukraine, said Thursday the White House.

It is a question of “keeping the communication channels open between the United States and the People’s Republic of China,” said the spokesman for the American Executive Jen Psaki, stating that the two leaders would also discuss “Competition” between Washington and Beijing.

13h: The Council of Europe alerts the risk of refugee trafficking

The Committee of Experts on the Fight Against Trafficking in Council (GRETA) warns “against the risk” that they “be victims of trafficking in human beings and exploitation”, while “the flow of Refugees in Europe knows its largest increase since the Second World War, “says the human rights organization in a statement.

12:36 pm Israel reviews its position with regard to Russia

After more than three weeks during which Israel did not participate in the sanctions against Russia and its oligarchs, the Hebrew state is revising its position under the pressure of the American ally.

12:32 32: Ukraine must stop breaking the rights of Russian prisoners, demand Human Rights Watch

The NGO asks Ukraine to stop staging the Russian prisoners because it violates the Geneva Conventions. “The Ukrainian authorities should stop posting on the social networks and messengeries of the videos of Russian soldiers prisoners to expose them in public, especially those who are humiliated or threatened”, according to a statement.

12:10 am: Russia is “pretending” to negotiate, estimates Paris

The leader of French diplomacy Jean-Yves The Drian accused Russia to “pretend to negotiate” a ceasefire in Ukraine while continuing to “make the weapons speak”. As in Alepp (Syria) or Grozny (Chechnya), the “Russian logic is based on the usual triptych: indiscriminate bombings, so-called + humanitarian corridors designed to accuse the opponent not to respect them and talks without Another goal that to pretend to negotiate, “he says in a daily interview Le Parisien.

11:23 pm: The price of BRENT oil barrel bounces 5%

The price of the barrel of Brent, reference of black gold in Europe, leaped this Thursday morning of about 5%, pushed by the war in Ukraine. Around 11:10 am French time, the North Sea Brent Barrel earned 4.90% at $ 102.82 with the barrel, and that of American WTI was taking 4.83% at $ 99.63.

11:14 pm: The Kremlin rejects the decision of the ICJ ordering him to suspend his offensive

The Kremlin rejected the decision of the International Court of Justice (ICJ), the highest UN court, which ordered the day before Russia to immediately suspend its military operations in Ukraine.

“We will not be able to take into account this decision,” said the Kremlin spokesman, Dmitri Peskov, pointing out that both parties – Russia and Ukraine – had to agree that the decision can be implemented. “In this case, no agreement can take place,” he said.

11:00 am: Ukraine war is likely to cost a global growth point in one year, warns the OECD

Global economic growth could be amputated more than one percentage point this year and global inflation could post an additional 2.5 point increase due to the impact of the war in Ukraine, according to an assessment of The OECD.

In its report, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development advocates that governments put in place temporary and targeted budget measures to support the most vulnerable households and businesses.

10:12: Default risk: Moscow says it refunded $ 117 million

Russia has ensured a first deadline for reimbursement of bonds, away immediately the possibility of a lack of payment, while its foreign assets are frozen by Western penalties.

“The payment order on the reimbursement of bond interests […] with a total value of $ 117.2 million […] was conducted,” said the Russian Ministry of Finance in a statement.

10:05: The war in Ukraine will divide by two German growth in 2022

The war in Ukraine will clearly plumb the German economic recovery and divide by two to 2.1% the expected growth of GDP in 2022, estimated the IFW Kiel Economic Institute.

The consequences of the conflict should amputate the GDP of “some € 90 billion this year and next year” and “delay in the second half the return to the pre-Covid” of the first European economy, judge economists, who Provided a growth of 4% until now this year.

10:00 am: Paris welcomes the decision of the ICJ on Ukraine

France greets Thursday the decision made the day before by the International Court of Justice on the War in Ukraine, announces the Quai d’Orsay in a statement.

“France is ready to intervene in this procedure, in support of Ukraine, because this case also concerns our fundamental interests for full respect for international law,” the statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, reminiscent of Russia. , “Like all part of the United Nations, has the obligation to comply with this decision of the Court. “

9:50 am: Zelensky calls Germany to slaughter the new “wall” erected in Europe

From Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky lamented, in front of the German Bundestag, the erection of a new “wall” in Europe. “It’s not a wall of Berlin but a wall in Central Europe between freedom and servitude and this wall is growing at each bomb” launched on a Ukrainian city.

“Dear Mr. Chancellon Scholz, destroy this wall, give Germany the leading role it deserves”, launched the Ukrainian leader in a video speech broadcast in front of the Lower House of the German Parliament.

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